Denise Polote-Kelly “God Loaned Me An Angel”


Guest Author for the Write the Book Now! Interview and Podcast Show for Thursday, August 10 is Denise Polote-Kelly, Author of God Loaned Me An Angel!

God Loaned Me An Angel is a beautiful love story. A truly amazing testimony of God’s Love and the love of her precious husband Winston.

As she tell’s her truth you will feel the raw emotions of love, life and loss. This book is for everyone that may have lost a spouse or loved one and now finds themselves in a place of wanting to give up and not live on. You will be walked through Denise’s journey as she encourages you to not stay stuck in the middle.

You will be moved and inspired by this book and the beautiful truth to cherish the memories and choose to live. Go through your grief and allow healing to manifest in your life so that your cherished memories can live on through you.

Denise Polote-Kelly is a business owner, founder of Winston H. Kelly, Sr. Memorial Foundation, and Laps for Life. She is a two time best selling author and # 1 best selling author of “God Loaned Me An Angel” She shares her truth of God’s love and her fight to live in hope and power after the death of her husband.

She is a Grief Recovery Specialist to assist in the healing of the grieving widow, widower and people on a whole that suffer loss of many kinds. Denise say’s grief is real and how we work through the grief determines how we will live through life. She teaches that we must live victoriously through all that we are challenged with and trust God in the process.

She is grateful that God chooses to use her continuously as a vessel.

Denise is a mother and grandmother. She resides in Savannah, Georgia.

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