Dr. Natalie Forest | Revolutionize Your Life-Your Way

Dr. Natalie Forest CEO, International Executive Consultant, Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, & Mentor

Natalie, America’s Leading Expert in Personal Performance, is Founder of Success Revolutions and Revolutionize Your Potential, a series of educational training for individuals and corporations across the globe. Natalie engages leaders, corporate teams, and entrepreneurs to identify consistencies for their success. Her engaging methods and techniques increase productivity, teamwork, retention, resulting in higher profitability, authentic fulfillment, and less stress.

Natalie is a sought after speaker and trainer and has participated in numerous conferences, events, TV, and radio shows across the nation. As a host, she has been in the top 3 for VoiceAmerica. Natalie’s keynotes, “Collaborative Individualism” and “The Hidden Power of Patterns”, have facilitated numerous breakthroughs for all that were fortunate to work with her, leading them to a life of abundance, clarity, and directed purpose.

After Natalie studied at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, she completed her Ph.D. at Hamburg University, Germany. She has been honored with the Franklin award 3 years in a row for outstanding dedication, initiative, and pioneering approaches and techniques in mentoring.

Natalie’s passion for positive progress in the world is self-evident in her leading role as Executive Director for The Women Of Global Change, a premier humanitarian organization working on positive change across the globe for years. The added focus for WGC are the new initiatives focusing on training and supporting women in becoming entrepreneurs (The Gateway Program leading to Level Up and then to the Certification program). She also has volunteered as Vice President for the board of the Local chapter of the Alliance of Women in Media, in Washington, DC (AWM-NCAC) from January 2016 to December 2016. Dr. Natalie is a proud member of CEO Space International, VIP member of the National Association of Professional Women, eWomen Network, Women Owned Business Club, the International Women’s Leadership Association and the National Women’s Political Caucus.

In 2013, Natalie received the Entrepreneur Award at the CCBC Women’s Expo. Natalie’s commitment to community service and leadership is consistently recognized by local and national politicians and leaders.

With Natalie, you will revolutionize your life creating the most from your potential and opening the doors to opportunity of the amazing life that awaits you. Natalie enjoys living in Maryland and spending time with her daughter and husband.
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Zaundra Grant | Better Than Okay! 

Our Guest for the Write the Book Now! Interview and Podcast Show, Thursday, September 7, 2017 is Zaundra Grant, author of Better Than Okay.

In this short read, Zaundra Grant provides tools and strategies for navigating one of the hardest transitions for modern men and women; the transition that takes place during and after a divorce. Zaundra provides us with insight into how women can come through divorce. By intimately sharing her own life, the breakdown of her marriage and subsequent divorce we are given a dynamic reference guide for women into the socially challenging climate of divorce recovery.

You will learn through her story and through the helpful tips provided, how you can come through this difficult transition. See how you can develop a resilient, strong and positive attitude. Learn how to be the powerful, dynamic woman you most want to be.
If you are willing to do the work, you do not have to settle for being just “ok” you too, will be better than okay!

Zaundra Grant is a certified John Maxwell Team Coach. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree as well as a Master’s in Business Administration.  Zaundra was married for 11 years and has been divorced for almost 10 years. She is the mother of 2 young men ages 21 and 15. The oldest son attending college at an Historically Black College and the youngest is in high school.

Zaundra is still managing a full-time career in corporate America while building up her divorce recovery coaching business MajorMark. Having been a divorce recovery coach for over 6 years, she recently published a #1 Best Selling book, Better Than Okay.

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The Write the Book Now! Interview and Podcast Show is a GRIND Entrepreneur Network Production!

Shennice Cleckley | Please Wait Mommy’s Working!

Shennice Cleckley aka The Mompreneur Strategist manages a portfolio of brands that help women and especially Moms strategically start and grow their business based on their stage in life. She is a  former state government policy director and  is now an award winning baker and author of  2 books; From Ideas to Author and the book we will be discussing on this episode,  Please Wait Mommy’s Working.  She and her husband LeBrian reside in Columbia SC and together they have four (4)  children and one (1) granddaughter. 

 Shennice is a member of the Junior League and a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

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Sonya A. McKinzie “Perfectly Imperfect: Moving Above and Beyond the Pain”


Our guest on the Write the Book Now! Interview and Podcast Show, Thursday, August 17, is Ms. Sonya Mckinzie, author of Perfectly Imperfect: Moving Above and Beyond the Pain

Perfectly Imperfect entwines poetry, narratives, spirituality, joy and heartache and carries individuals on an adventure that walks through brokenness. Sonya McKinzie has a way of breaking walls and revealing the beauty of spiritual, personal, and emotional growth. Her story brings a message of hope, love, and faith in the most broken hearts. Sonya is transparent with her life experiences and shares her struggles with abuse, spirituality, insecurity, and infertility. She shares how her secrets and shame chained her to a dark place that only God could have brought her from. Through her experiences, Sonya aspires to counsel, advocate, and inspire abuse victim

Sonya McKinzie was born and raised in Brunswick, Georgia and a current resident of Lawrenceville, Georgia. Sonya is a 41-year old mother of one beautiful daughter. She is a member of Victory World Church in Norcross.  McKinzie received her Bachelors in Business Management and Masters in Human Services Counseling (minoring in Addictions and Recovery) from Liberty University. McKinzie also holds certifications in the areas of Victim Advocacy, Human Resources, Management, and Leadership. As a 14-year survivor and ThriveHER, she is the founder of Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation, a Duluth, Georgia based nonprofit organization and advocates domestic violence and sexual abuse victims.  

She has published two books: Heaven Rain on Me and Perfectly Imperfect: Moving Above and Beyond the Pain.  She is one of the twenty co-authors Soul Source published by Cheryl Polote-Williamson. She will be releasing her third book ThriveHER later this year. She has been featured in NailedIt magazine, Urban Release Magazine, Mims Magazine and STS Branding. McKinzie has been interviewed by Onika Shirley the Action Speaks and Kimberly Collings of The Journey: A Meeting of the Minds Radio Shows. Lastly, she is featured on the Marsy’s Law – Georgia national campaign and recording.

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Perfectly Imperfect


The Write the Book Now! Interview and Podcast Show is a GRIND Entrepreneur Network Production!