Seant’a Conyers-Woods | Being Pretty Is Hard Work Broken Psalms 51:17

Seant’a Conyers-Woods is an Author, Publisher, Inspirational, and Motivational Speaker. She was born and raised in a small town in Indiana called Kokomo. Her passion is to journey around the world speaking, mentoring, motivating, and inspiring women of all ages, helping them to pursue and accomplish their goals and dreams. She received her Associate in Business, her B.A. in Business Management and a Master in Public Affairs from Indiana Wesleyan University of Marion, Indiana.

Seant’a is the CEO and founder of Single Heart’s Helping One LLC. It is a non-profit business designed to help single women with children. The vision for this program is not to judge single women with children, but to allow them the opportunity to get their lives together, so they can live a happy and prosperous life with their children. It provides services and programs to help them become better parents, learn money management, and become successful independent women. The program is designed for single mothers only, who are having trouble raising their children due to financial troubles, lack of support, and knowledge.

She is the author and publisher of “BEING PRETTY IS HARD WORK!” Broken Psalms 51:17. Her book is a non-fiction book, based off a true story about her life. Seant’a began writing her book in 2015, after being broken and living a shameful life from all the hurts, pains, and bad life experiences. The purpose of her book is to help people understand the importance of self-love. She wants to inspire the women in the world, who live life every day broken. Today, Seant’a is living her life unbroken, and filled with Love. She is living and walking in the Purpose God has for her life.

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