Kaelyn and Nicolya Williams | Early Bird Devotions for Kids

Kaelyn is a 9 year old girl with a passionate heart for Jesus. Kaelyn enjoys reading, spending time with family, and is a peer leader-helping her friends from school or church work through conflicts and develop strong friendships. Kaelyn is always eager to try new activities like gymnastics and volunteering for the homeless or for senior citizens. This is Kaelyn’s first published book which celebrates her devotion and dedication to God and to her love for others.

You can connect with Kaelyn on her YouTube channel @kaewilliams.

Nicolya is a mother, best-selling author, and personal development coach. As a coach, she divides her time between empowering women one on one and motivating groups of women through master classes. When not spending time on her business Nicolya spends time with her daughters, spends time reading and also spends time with her small group at church.

You can connect with Nicolya at http://www.nicolyawilliams.com or on all social media platforms @nicolyawilliams

Write the Book Now! Interview and Podcast Showis a GRIND Entrepreneur Network Production.

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