That Church Life | Teresa B. Howell

Join Write the Book Now! Live, Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 7:45 PM EST.

Teresa B. Howell is an Educator in Durham, NC. Originally from Boston, Mass, she decided to make her literary appearance in 2015. She continues to write Christian fiction, Mystery and suspense, and Psychological thriller novels that are page turners and eye openers for her readers. Her first novel written called “That Church Life” shows her creative, unique and suspense-filled side of writing.

Teresa B. Howell has several articles written about her literary works such as The Huffington Post, CEO Magazine, UBAWA, The Herald Sun, The New and Observer, The Carolina Times, Urban Tymes, and Strawberry Lit magazine. Teresa has made several appearances on Fox 16, CBS, and over 55 major radio shows across the country.

Teresa B. Howell has also been listed as Diamonds Literary World’s top 20 books in 2016, Conversations magazine top 50 books in 2017, and Sistahs Place magazine 2017 Author pick of the year.

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