Altovise Pelzer | It’s Ok to Cry!

Altovise Pelzer will be the guest on Write the Book Now! Interview and Podcast Show, Thursday, December 14, 2017 at 7 PM EST.

Ms. Altovise Pelzer, Certified Life Coach, is an Amazon bestselling author and the host of the #MorningPRESS series on Periscope and Facebook. Her most recently released book is the second of an eight part series, Getting Through Difficult Situations, “The Ripple Effect”. This book is a follow up of her first book “It’s Okay to Cry”.
Altovise has learned, first hand, what it means to live in difficult situations. Because of her life experiences, she motivates women and youth to find their unique voice. She has made it a personal mission to create opportunities for women to speak, create and walk in their unique purpose.

Your tears are strength! The world has conditioned us to believe that tears are equivalent to being a
coward or allowing fear to consume us. That is far from the truth. Yes, our tears display our current level of emotion like fear, anger or frustration but that does not equate to weakness. Have you ever noticed the feeling of relief after crying or how we can laugh so hard that tears form in our eyes. Our tears are a reminder that we are human but it should also give us a deeper connection with Jesus, who in human form cried after the death of his friend Lazarus. Stop allowing the world to dictate where your strength comes from! 

“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak”
Isaiah 40:29
Today is your day to………
* Stop fighting the tears
* Find power in your tears
* Become a shoulder for someone fighting back tears
* Realize that God sees your tears

Write the Book Now! Interview and Podcast Show is a GRIND Entrepreneur Network Production.

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