Paul Okoye | MeBookz

Paul Okoye is the founder of MeBookz Publishing.

This company is inspired by the joy Paul experiences when reading to his daughter, Zara, every night.

Running out of storybooks to read had become a common occurrence for Zara and Paul and that’s why Paul invented stories with Zara as the main character.  Zara loved them because they were stories about her!

MeBookz was born as an opportunity to enhance story time with kids. MeBookz works with a number of authors to create awesome, fun, exciting, and engaging children’s picture books with a key difference: each book is created specifically for your child. MeBookz personalizes the book by replacing the main character with a new character that looks exactly like your child, making your child the star of the story! Because every child deserves to be their very own superhero.

Every single book is a unique and well-crafted masterpiece, no one else in the world has an identical book. Zara enjoys the books very much and we hope your children do too.

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